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You have found the home page for my relationship therapy practice, Living Systems Therapy.

I have been practicing in the relationship health field for thirty years and appreciate the chance to support my clients in their efforts to create cultures of greater health.I am passionate about our ability to recognize, learn and incorporate healthier practices of self and relationship care. I believe that working with an experienced therapist can help in making those shifts in life patterns that are difficult to make on your own. I work with folks in the following areas:

Personal issues like: transitions, anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, grief, boundaries

Relationship issues like: conflict, divorce, infidelity recovery, sex, money, polyamory

Family issues like: parenting, aging, blending, family business, loss, relatives

Childhood issues like: ADD/ADHD, impulse control, aggression, eating disorders

Regulation issues like: sleep, migraine, focus, OCD, memory, chronic pain, concussions

Meaning issues like: spirituality, integrity, purpose, mindfulness, compassion

Performance issues like: performance anxiety, creativity, focus, peak performance

I work with individuals, couples and relationship groups from a Natural (Living) Systems framework. This framework was developed by Dr. Murray Bowen who through observation of living organisms constructed a scientific theory of relationship process. Anchored in the life long process of becoming a solid self within all our connections natural systems therapy supports the unfolding identity, power and clarity of each person within their unique historic and current relationship networks. With health seen as a vital balance between instinctive, emotional and intellectual systems each person and group is helped to develop their unique abilities to identify and choose healthier patterns in their lives.   

I also offer support for those in leadership positions as well as organizations and staffs working to achieve their fuller potential. And as a supervising clinician I enjoy supporting other therapists in their development as mental health professionals.

Over the past five years I have incorporated neurofeedback (a form of biofeedback utilizing brain waves as the source of information) into my clinical work to provide additional support in helping clients address issues that likely have something to do with how they are "hard wired" to feel, behave or react. My clients and I have discovered that neurofeedback can help in areas that are beyond conscious choice, like sleep, addiction, panic, and focus. I have seen many of my clients achieve life goals that have been, prior to neurofeedback, beyond their capacity. Neurofeedback is a process that teaches the brain to produce brain wave patterns that the brain does not readily produce on its own. And once the new patterns are learned (usually by 20 to 30 sessions) the brain can readily produce the new patterns on its own. The analogy is how we all learned to ride a bike or learned to swim .... through experiencing a new pattern of brain activity the brain can learn and incorporate the new pattern into our life, calling upon it as needed. Through my own neurofeedback I learned how to reduce anxiety, play better golf, and break an unhealthy attachment to sugar. I am very excited about the changes that I have seen in myself and others through neurofeedback. 

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